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Co-op Rules

Dress Code:

  • No inappropriate or immodest clothing, including, but not limited to, shorts or skirts must be middle fingertip length, t-shirts w/ offensive words or images, and short shirts that do not cover the midriff.
  • CTIR Committee members reserve the right to modify the dress code or make final determination on what is appropriate dress.

Student Code of Conduct:

  • Be prepared and ready to learn. Complete all assignments. Arrive to class on time.
  • Inform teacher and coop director if you will be late, absent or leave early.
  • Students should sign in when arriving, and sign out when picked up.
  • Students must enter and leave the building using the designated door only.
  • No loud talking or loitering in the halls while classes are in session.
  • Students must wait in Study Hall or Social Hall in between classes.  Food and drink are only consumed in Social Hall unless your class is given special permission.
  • Cell phone must be turned off or on vibrate at all times during co-op classes. Accepting calls or text messages during class is not permitted.
  • Students in Study Hall must keep their voices down and not be disruptive.
  • Electronic device usage is a privilege in Social Hall. Students may be directed to limit their access to WiFi if requested by an adult. Electronic gaming is also a privilege that may be limited by supervising adult if the gaming is determined to conflict with an environment appropriate to the CTIR co-op.
  • Treat all students, teachers & parents with respect.
  • No public displays of romantic affection.
  •  Inappropriate language, violent claims, bullying, taunting, or fighting will not be tolerated.
  • Students are not permitted outside (back, front or playground) without a teacher or parent willing to assume responsibility for students.     
  • Be good stewards of the facilities and parking lot by leaving each in a better condition than it was found. (Put the chairs back where they belong, trash in trashcans, etc.) Each person needs to take a personal interest in and responsibility for keeping the facility clean.
  • Students should be picked up at least 15 minutes after their last class ends or no later than 3:15 pm. (Whichever comes first.)
  • Students are required to assist with cleanup at the end of the day.


All behavior deemed inappropriate will be documented.

  • Verbal warning.
  • Written warning and conference with student.
  • Conference with parent.
  • Possible removal from co-op determined by co-op director and CTIR steering committee.
  • Extreme violations will result in an immediate call to parents to discuss proper action.
  • Infractions involving alcohol, weapons, or illegal substances will  have swifter and harsher consequences.  Banned substances/weapons will be confiscated immediately; parent will be required to collect the item in question immediately.    For a second infraction of this rule, the student will be suspended for the following week.  Expulsion may be a further consequence, strictly at the discretion of the committee. 


Parents, you are a critical component to the success of your student. We appreciate your support and diligence as you adhere to the following:

  • Mandatory that one parent monitor Social Hall and/or Clean-up duties at least twice per year. Those whose families are registered for online classes only are exempt.
  • Pay your teachers on time. (See schedule)
  • Keep track of how your student is doing in his/her classes.  Don’t automatically assume that no news is good news.  Ask teachers or ask to see their grades.
  • Encourage your student to handle difficulties before you step in.  Students need to learn how to interact with the authorities placed over them.  If parents rush in, then students miss out on a learning experience.
  • Encourage your students to deal directly with those involved in a problem, and not gossip with others.
  • Remember that other adults will be in charge of your students at co-op.  These adults may make decisions, or handle issues, in ways you would handle them at home.  Please be supportive of the adults and tutors.
  • The main Study Hall will be for CTIR students only.  If another room is available, arrangements may be made to allow for a "Family Study Hall" for parents to work quietly with their children, but this will not occur in the main Study Hall.  This was a request from the students which was approved by the CTIR board.
  • Do not bring other non-Co-op students to the church and leave them unattended or allow them to roam in the facility, parking lot, or playground.  We want to avoid any extra responsibilities placed on the adults in charge.
  • You must pick up your student on time after their last class.  Please do not make a committee member wait for you.
  • Do not bother the NWCC (church) staff with questions or concerns about the co-op or the facility. Speak with a member of the CTIR Committee or email CTIRCoOp@yahoogroups.com for any issues or questions.


  • First month’s tuition and supply fee due August 20, 2014 and is paid to teacher.
  • Tuition is due the first Wednesday of each month.
  • All tuition is paid directly to each teacher.
  • If tuition is not paid to the teacher on the first Wednesday, a DAILY fine of $5 is accrued until turned in.

Tuition Schedule:
August 20 - full month tuition or full semester
September 3 - full month
October 1 – full month
November 5 – full month
December 3  - no tuition due
January 7 - full month or full semester
February 4 – full month
March 4 - full month
April 1 - full month

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the CTIR co-op please email CTIRCoOp@yahoogroups.com


Teacher Responsibilities

  • All teachers must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.  If you are running late, please call a member of the CTIR Committee ASAP. (We cannot make up classes.)
  • Communicate with parents as needed.
  • Schedule changes are NOT permitted.
  • Have students clean up after themselves after each class & return room to picture on wall set-up.
  • Provide parents with your contact information:

             Home Phone
             Cell Phone (optional)
             Email Address

  • If you can’t make a class please either find a substitute or inform parents you are canceling class ASAP.
  • Keep track of tuition paid or owed to you. If someone pays cash you must give them a receipt.
  • Provide your own teaching supplies. (Dry erase markers, pencils, pens, paper,  etc.)
  • Provide each student with documentation at the end of the school year to show they completed the class.
  • Enforce the co-op student rules.
  • Do not make schedule changes unless you get approval from the co-op Steering Committee.
  • Document any student behavioral infractions and submit to co-op Steering Committee immediately.
  • Do not allow students to eat or drink in the classrooms.
  • You are responsible for cleaning your room at the end of your class time.